Occasionally only pizza pie is going to do! Pretend youa€™re in Italy with a piece or a couple of pizza from a single in the after dining.


For incredible pizza visit this lively cafe in Neala€™s grounds. Expect you’ll waiting, but there is always a waiting line at Homeslice pizza pie (but we guarantee you that the pizzas are worth it!).

Where: There are five stores in London including Neala€™s backyard in Covent yard, Marylebone, light City, Shoreditch and town.

Pizza Pie Pilgrims

We love pizza pie Pilgrims for their Neapolitan pizza, tasty toppings and friendly service.

In which: You’ll find 14 stores around London.

Kidsa€™ eating plan: Their unique kidsa€™ eating plan includes half a Margherita pizza pie, a liquid and ice cream. The selection has actually recreation and colouring from teenagers too.

Road Pizza

Street pizza pie is part of the Gordon Ramsay bistro empire supplying bottomless pizza pie for A?15 per individual. Anticipate traditional pizzas such as Margarita and Pepperoni as well as some more colourful season combinations. The diet plan also contains a selection of sides and sweets. Therea€™s no dedicated kidsa€™ diet plan but hey, what child really doesna€™t like pizza?!

In which: You’ll find four places in London in St Paula€™s, Camden, Southwark and Battersea.

Franco Manca

Wea€™re huge enthusiasts of Franco Manca exactly who create outstanding pizzas to order with some toppings and flavours. Their particular A?5 kidsa€™ diet plan include a pizza, take in and ice-cream.

Where: you can find a large number of Franco Manca stores across London

Kidsa€™ eating plan: Their kidsa€™ menu try an acquire at A?5!

Most readily useful household diners in London once and for all fast food

Fancy something quick and tasty thata€™s not a happy meal? We listen to you! You will find several fantastic fastfood possibilities in the event that youa€™re when you look at the feeling for a burger and on occasion even fish and chips. Check out your much-loved take out restaurants in London.

Poppiea€™s Fish & Potato Chips

Owner Pat, a€?Popa€™, Newland has-been providing classic seafood suppers for 60 many years in this retro-fitted restaurant in Camden. Fresh fish are provided every day to Poppies from Billingsgate marketplace and filleted on location. Decide to get seafood grilled or deep-fried or go above cod and haddock and opt for mackerel, seafoods platters or jellied eels.

In which: you can find locations in Soho, Spitalfields and Camden.

Kidsa€™ diet plan: Kidsa€™ size servings of cod hits and potato chips, fish dessert and potato chips and sausage and chips are readily available.

Five Guys

If you’d like an excellent burger after that ita€™s challenging beat Five Dudes. The burgers are created to order, the potato chips (fries!) were delicious there become a selection of other options going around such as hot dogs and grilled parmesan cheese snacks. Ita€™s also the place for a milkshake! There is absolutely no devoted kidsa€™ menu at Five Guys.

In which: you will find 15 stores around London like one conveniently located close to the Natural background Museum in Southern Kensington.

Most readily useful household diners in London for a special event

Think youngsters and a fancy food dona€™t combine? You better think again! There are a number of excellent dining in London where you could take pleasure in really good ingredients in the company of young kids.

Granger & Co

Once and for all products in a stylish venue head to among Granger & Co places. Owned by Australian chef and restaurateur Bill Granger, the London restaurants offer close ola€™ Aussie fare like sweetcorn fritters, ricotta hotcakes, and shrimp burgers. Food is healthy, nutritious and very delicious. Wea€™re a big fan of sunday brunch in particular.

In which: discover four locations in London in Chelsea, Kings combination, Clerkenwell and Notting mountain

Kidsa€™ eating plan: There are no dedicated kidsa€™ menus but a lot of kid-friendly dishes on the menu.

The Coal Lose

The Coal Shed are a steak and seafood eatery that started in Brighton before opening a branch near Tower Bridge. Their unique principle try a€?meat, fish and firea€? and so they serve coal roasted uncommon type traditions meats along with southern area shore seafood alongside multiple prepared chips and various other great-tasting side.

Where: Tower Connection

Kidsa€™ selection: The A?10 kidsa€™ selection offers a choice of small steak and potato chips, fish-and-chips or macaroni best places to live in Chula Vista for singles cheddar followed closely by a treat.


This ever-stylish Tredwells is among those rare dining that combines style, tasty food and a family-friendly pleasant. Now possessed by cook Chantelle Nicholson, the selection focuses primarily on in your area sourced create, plant-based meals and renewable types of generation. Menu shows integrate meat croquettes, Isle of Mull scallops and Horton quarters lamb neck. Tredwells is located in the center of Covent yard but Nicholson has intentions to relocate to another area eventually.

In Which: Covent Garden

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